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Dear Friends,

It is with pleasure that I extend an invitation to you to participate in the “20th International Symposium on Biomedical Science and Technology” - BIOMED 2014 - to be held in Koycegiz, Mugla, Turkey on 23-26 August 2014. The BIOMED 2014 symposium will bring together experts and scientists from academia, industry, and also those involved in funding regulatory and commercial enterprises related to biomedical science and technologies. The sessions will include keynote and invited lectures on thematically-related research and development addressing significant problems, current developments, planned research directions and challenges which will be presented by leading researchers in this multidisciplinary field. There will be also oral and poster presentations selected from the abstracts to be submitted.

Two other related meetings will be organized at the same location following BIOMED 2014. “1st International NanoBiotechnology Symposium” - NanoBioTech 2014 - will be held on 27-29 August 2014 and will be devoted to Nanobiotechnology applications not only for medical but also for other areas related to life sciences including environmental, food and agricultural applications. The main topic of focus this year is “Recombination/Recombinant Technologies” related to nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine. It will be similar to a course, and different topics will be presented by experts both from academia and industry. We will have chance to discuss the needs/targets and also possible limitations or undesirable side effects on this strategically very important topic.

The International - NanoBacterhageSERS 2014 - Workshop on “Detection of Pathogenic Microorganism: Probes, Platforms, and Detectors” will be also organized at the same location on 29-30 August 2014 as a dissemination activity of EU-FP7-IAPP Project-NanobacterphageSERS. We will have leading scientists/experts both from academia and industry who will present their expertise and also existing knowledge and futuristic approaches on this very important and hot topic.

The conference location is one of the most beautiful parts of Turkey – Koycegiz; a breath taking lake view and surroundings. It is easily reached from the Dalaman international airport (about 30 kms by bus – bus transfer will be arranged). There are many direct flights to Dalaman from several destinations in Europe. Any international flights coming to Istanbul Airports have also very good connections to Dalaman. Given that the Dalaman region is a very popular with tourists, we highly recommend that you book your flights as early as possible.

The friendly and special atmosphere (- village style -) will be created so that all the participants - from undergraduate students to eminent scientists - will hopefully enjoy the brain storming activities in a very relaxing atmosphere in the midst of nature. Note that we will be working heavily in the mornings but will have long afternoons and the evening to visit many beautiful surroundings - both at the sea and country sides with historical destinations.

Please visit the conference website at where you can subscribe to the official symposium news service. This will update you by email regularly with conference details including abstract submission and registration deadlines. In addition, these pages contain details of hotel accommodation and executive airport transfer for which we have secured discounted prices.

Please do feel free to forward on our electronic version of this invitation and the announcement attached to any of your colleagues or collaborators, who you think may wish to attend.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to join us at this exciting series of meetings and visit Koycegiz and its fantastic surroundings with surprising/entertaining social events that will be organized before/during/after the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you in Koycegiz in August 2014.

Kind Regards,

Erhan Piskin

Meetings Chair

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